Monday, January 3, 2011

CBR III Review #1: Endurance by Jack Kilborn

CBR III Review #1: Endurance (A Novel of Terror) by Jack Kilborn

I'll read pretty much anything and how I choose my newest authors to check out simply comes down to the fact on who pops up on my recommended book section on Amazon and who has a cheap kindle novel I check out.

I decided to give Jack Kilborn (aka J. A. Konrath a try for the simple fact that his newest kindle novel on Amazon was listed at $2.99.  Click here to check it out.  I was also intrigued because in the description of the novel the author stated that it had been scheduled to be released in paperback in 2010 but the publisher refused to release it.  Now this can mean the book is as he promises "a disturbing, terrifying book" or it sucks and the publisher didn't want to the public to suffer through it.

The official amazon description of the novel is as follows "The bed and breakfast [Rushmore] was hidden in the hills of West Virginia. Wary guests wondered how it could stay in business at such a creepy, remote location. Especially with its bizarre, presidential decor and eccentric proprietor."

The novel held up to it's promise of being disturbing. The bed and breakfast was built on the premises of spying on and kidnapping guest.  The building has many secret tunnels and ways for the owners of the hotel to keep an eye on their guest.  The premises of the novel was the creepiest part.  It starts with a young woman named Maria checking into the Rushmore due to the fact her hotel was overbooked.  In the first few pages the novel messes with your head.  Did she move her suitcase?  What happened to the cell phone she placed on the night stand? Is that creaking under the bed?

Fast forward a year later and due to major triathlon in the area all area hotels are booked and they send the overflow to the Rushmore.  The novel then follows seven characters as they slowly realize the depths of insanity that surround the Rushmore.

I was more entertained by the premise of the actual novel because now whenever I check into a small hotel I'll be checking the bathroom and under the bed for trap doors, but once the realization of why the hotel propertiers are kidnapping guest comes out the novel takes a turn for the absurd. The novel starts out like the movie Vacancy then does a U-turn and ends up like the movie Wrong Turn, neither of which are the best that cinema has to offer.  It's an odd book and Jack Kilborn has a sick sense of humor that he likes to weave into his novels.  In my opinion for $2.99 it's not a bad purchase.  I just wouldn't recommend reading the novel while out of town.
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