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CBR III Review #2: Trapped by Jack Kilborn

CBR III Review #2: Trapped by Jack Kilborn

I decided to pick up another novel by Jack Kilborn (aka J.A. Konrath).  I have a bad habit once I start on a author if I enjoy their novel I have to read the majority of everything he or she has written.  Trapped I found on Amazon and the kindle novel was once again only $2.99.  I love an author that realizes they should embrace the new eBook instead of trying to charge more for a Kindle edition then the new release hardcover cost.  I'm looking at you James Patterson (who incidentally hasn't written anything worthy of a hardcover release in the last 10 years).
For clarifications purchases the Amazon purchase of this novel includes two copies of the novel.  The first version has been edited down and the second version is his uncut version of the novel.  I've read the first version.  I plan on reading the second version as soon as I clear up some novels on my nightstand (well my virtual nightstand).  I am slightly apprehensive about reading his second version of the novel, it apparently has more gore.  
Here is the Amazon summation of the novel:

"It was supposed to be a harmless camping trip. Six wayward teenagers who'd run into trouble with the law, and their court-appointed guardians, Sara and Martin Randhurst. Three nights on a small, deserted island off of Michigan's upper peninsula. A time to bond, to learn, to heal. Then Martin told a campfire story about the island's history. Of the old civil war prison hidden in there, and the starving confederate soldiers who resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. Everyone thought it was funny. They even laughed when Martin pretended to be dragged off into the woods. But Martin didn't come back. And neither did Sara when she went in search of him. Then the laughter stopped....TO DEATH. The group soon began to realize that this deserted island wasn't so deserted after all. And perhaps Martin's ridiculous story had more truth to it than anyone thought. What's the most horrifying thing you can imagine? This is a hundred times worse...TRAPPED by Jack Kilborn. It starts where other horror end."

First of all who writes these summaries? "The Laughter stopped....TO DEATH" what does that even mean? I've read the novel and that sentences still makes no sense to me.  The description of the novel sucks but in all honestly I loved this novel.  It scared the crap out of me and more than once the gore in the novel made me nauseous.  I've been reading horror novels since I was in 5th grade there has never been a book that has made me nauseous due to graphic content, until now.

I do have one point of contention with the novel Trapped.  Jack Kilborn's characters, with the exception of one or two, come across as one note and static.  Trapped really does read like a horror movie, with a bunch of a seemingly similar characters who the audience never relates too.

Trapped has a few twist and turns that will keep you entertained and one twist you wont seem coming, and it doesn't feel like M. Nigh Shyamalan dropped in to rewrite the novel for the purpose of the twist. Trapped is by no means the next great American novel but if you like a decent horror book without having to read more than 1500 pages to just learn all they had to do was beg the aliens to remove the dome,(and if you want to challenge your stomach strength) I recommend picking it up.

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