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CBR III Review #7: Dweller by Jeff Strand

CBR III Review #7: Dweller by Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand returns to literature with a novel titled Dweller. After reading one of his first novels Pressure I was really looking for this to novel, but it Dweller wasn't 100% my thing, but I did enjoy it. An outcast, a young boy named Toby likes to roam around the woods. One day he stumbles upon an animal that could only be accurately be described as a monster. The book then spans a 60 year old friendship between the two outcasts. The novel is listed as a horror novel, but it's a more of young coming of age novel, but instead of a dog for a best friend the main character befriends a monster. A monster that every once in a while likes to eat people. However, the few times that the monster does dine on human flesh whose fault is it really? A question that leads to a more important question, who really is the monster in this story?

I did find that authors sick sense of humor managed to come across, even more so than in his novel Pressure. The book is touching and emotional but if you are going into this book expecting pure unadulterated terror you will be disappointed, but if you want to read a novel about a boy and his best friend Owen (who just happens to be a monster) I think you'll find the novel delivers.
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  • Publisher: Leisure (March 30, 2010)
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