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CBR III Review #8: Feed by Mira Grant

CBR III Review #8: Feed by Mira Grant

It's the year 2039 and 25 years ago a virus was introduced to the population that caused animals and humans to reanimate after death, and sometimes animals and humans catch the virus spontaneously.  The virus, named Kellis-Amberlee, has the normal zombification qualities that the reader will be use to, IE a taste for human flesh.
Twenty-Five years ago when the virus hit, the majority of people started to distrust established media outlets due to the fact that they were a major source of disinformation and outright lies to help calm the public and keep them in the dark to the dangers of the Kellis-Amberlee virus. Due to this distrust bloggers have become the new and upcoming trusted media source in 2039. Feed follows a blogging team who has been invited to follow a presidential candidate on the campaign trail. The reader gets an inside view of the way politics and a society runs after a zombie apocalypse.  Unfortunately, for the blogging team a terrorist has targeted this presidential candidate, and this terrorist has decided to weaponize Kellis-Amberlee.  The bloggers report on the attacks and decide to stay on the campaign trail even though their lives are now in danger.

The science level explanations for the virus is amazingly well done.  Grant made the possibility of a viral outbreak that actually creates zombies seem very real. I also really enjoyed the details given about the character's living conditions and the new technology and how one goes about surviving in a nation filled with zombies and what freedoms people are willing to give up to stay alive.
I do have a few complaints, the author spends a lot of time rehashing certain aspects of the novel and it gets tiring.  The "big bad" of the novel is also more of a cartoon  than a believable character, but overall I really enjoyed the novel.  It's no World War Z, but as far as the zombie genre I think it adds a decent amount of humor and terror.  Apparently two other novels are planned for this series and if you do read this novel you will be just as curious I am as to how the author plans on continuing the series.

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