Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CBR III Review #9: The Immortals by J.T. Ellison

CBR III Review #9: The Immortals by J.T. Ellison

This novel is 5th in the Taylor Jackson series by J.T. Ellison and while it does a decent job of being a stand alone mystery I would really suggest reading her previous novels:  All the Pretty Girls, 14, Judas Kiss, and The Cold Room.  This makes sure that you have all the necessary back story to make the novel more enjoyable.

Halloween Night (or Samhain, the Blood Harvest) 8 Nashville teenagers are found dead, their dead bodies mutilated with occult symbols.  Detective Taylor Jackson finds herself and her newly reassembled team on the case.  Jackson and her team must dig into the occult and separate myth from fiction to help solve the case.  Ellison did a wonderful job researching the occult and goth life style and really brought it to life without making those who partake in the lifestyle come across as cartoons or villains.

Meanwhile in DC, Taylor Jackson's fiance Special Agent John Baldwin has been summoned to DC to testify in front of a committee about  a previous case that had a deadly outcome.  New evidence has come to light and that may cost Baldwin his job.

J.T. Ellison isn't redefining the thriller genre, but The Immortals is a decent addition.It's a gripping novel with two well written story lines and a well researched plot.

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