Monday, January 17, 2011

CBR III Review #19: Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) by Jeff Strand

CBR III Review #19: Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) by Jeff Strand

After the events in Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) and Single White Psychopath Seeks Same Andrew Mayhem has made a promise to himself and his wife.  He will become a new man.  He will get a new job, he will not take money from strangers in a coffee shop in exchange for doing strange tasks.  He will do whatever he can do to avoid danger.    

Of course Andrew has no such luck and he finds himself and his family being pursued through a booby-trapped forest.  The novel follows Andrew as he tried to keep him family intact and his body parts attached. Thankfully Andrew's bad luck is good for us because Casket For Sale (Only used once). Once again brings the humor and the horror to its reader.

Out of the three Andrew Mayhem novels this is probably my least favorite because the plot just gets more and more ridiculous (and considering his other plots you can imagine how ridiculous Casket for Sale (Only used Once) gets.  However, despite it's insane unbelievability factor the novel is still a funny and grotesque read. From corpses modified to be robot killing machines to Filicide, this novel has a bit of everything.

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