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CBR III Review #24-25: Hater Series by David Moody

CBR III Review #24: Hater by David Moody

David Moody's book Hater was originally self-published but because of it's success and cult following a larger publisher picked it up. Hater follows Danny McCoyne, an ordinary family man trying to support his wife and three children. However, things start to get a bit alarming when a series of violent outbreaks occur across an unnamed British city. Eventually those who appear to have these violent outburst are coined "Haters" but as this affliction spreads across the city Danny realizes his once previously mundane life is extinct and him and his family must survive in a city surrounded by people who want to kill them.

The novel occurs in much of the same fashion as a zombie novel would occur - except those who are attacking the "Unchanged" aren't dead and they can still talk and function as humans, they just happen to have an animalistic primal urge to kill everyone who is unlike them. As the novel continues the city rapidly dissolves around Danny and his family. The novel paints a very bleak picture and does a great job of making you grasp how desperate the situation is for the "unchanged".

I personally love reading stories where the cities crumble and civilizations disintegrate and this book was particularly dark. The only real problem I had with the story is a lack of information on why people were turning into "Haters", but on the other hand if an event like this were truly to occur the public would never receive a honest answers from the powers that be.

As far as the overall novel is concerned there are parts of it I loved and there parts of it where I felt like the plot was seriously dragging. There were also a few times I wished Danny was a real person so I could hit him in the face. He constantly complains that his kids are exhausting and annoying but how often can you complain about them especially when the apocalypse is occurring outside your front door. Reflecting back on the novel I honestly think that is what the author was aiming for. In every Zombie/Disaster novel all the main characters tend to turn into outstanding heroes, but honestly in real life a lot of people would still float along unsure of what to do and still really annoyed by their children and their lot in life and just bitch until the end comes.

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CBR III Review #24: Dog Blood by David Moody

I have no idea how to start this review without spoiling the entire ending to Hater. Dog Blood is the second in the trilogy Hater Series written by David Moody. I'm going to try and keep this as vague as possible for now and maybe in a few months once people who are interested in reading Hater will have completed it.

Dog Blood takes a different approach from Hater and this time the narrative follows one of the "Haters". It explains how the sudden urge to kill takes over and how the "Haters" feel about what they have become. The novel follows the war between the "Haters" and the "Unchanged" and it's funny what side you see yourself rooting for at different points in the novel, but if I write a sentence more it'll ruin the entire plot to both novels and I really don't want to do that to anyone.

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  • Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; 1 edition (June 8, 2010)
  • Sold by: Macmillan
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  • ASIN: B003JTHZ1Q
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  • Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars See all reviews
Just a heads up there is a third book in the series, but I have no idea when it may be released.

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