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CBR III Review #26: Autumn by David Moody

CBR III Review #26: Autumn by David Moody

The novel Autumn by David Moody is in one word bleak. In minutes about 99.5 percent of the population of a British city is dead.  The few survivors that remain watched everyone around them suddenly choke on their own blood and suffocate to death.  Millions upon million of people lay dead in the street, in their offices, and homes. Autumn follows three survivors:  Michael, a company executive who watched an entire High School die within seconds, Emma a medical student who was at home with a cold, and Carl a mechanic that came home to find his wife and child dead.

The novel follows the three survivors as they find each other and start to prepare how they can go on surviving in a city that in a few weeks will be crawling with disease and pests.  Much to the horror of the survivors their plans are complicated by the fact that the dead, after a few days, have begun to rise and as the dead begin to regain their most basic senses they also start to turn violent.

I really enjoyed Autumn but when I call the novel bleak I'm not kidding.  It's so depressing you just start to wonder why the survivors don't just go ahead and kill themselves.  Autumn is the first in the series so the open-ended ending didn't bother me too much.  Although almost the entire population drops dead this is not a blood and guts type of thriller it's more a cerebral thriller that keeps you asking the question "what would you do if all your options pretty much sucked?"

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