Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CBR III Review #40: Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

CBR III Review #40: Hollowland by  Amanda Hocking

I think my love for everything zombies indicates their may be something wrong with me, but zombies terrify me so I love them.  They have pussified the vampire genre and novels with real life serial killers never frighten me, but zombies always freak me out.  I think it's because it's the thought of being eaten alive.  I guess if the wrote more shark novels I would be terrified of them as well.

Amanda Hocking once again creates a female lead that doesn't need to be saved.  Her name is Remy and she is currently a 19 year old who so far has survived the zombie apocalypse.  The quarantine zone that she has been living in is overrun by zombies and she is separated from her brother, who had been staying the medical wing. One of the soldiers inform her that her brother had most likely been taken to another quarantine zone northeast of where they currently are.  She immediately heads in the direction that she believes her brother has been taken.

Along for the ride is a 13-year-old named Harlow whose entire family has been killed.  Harlow has unwaveringly put her trust in Remy (trust me I know the names are so hip it's annoying) and she is determined to follow Remy anywhere.  Along the way Remy and Harlow met up with a tiger who loves humans but eats zombies, a medical student name Blue, and a Lazlo. Lazlo was a rock star on the rise when the virus hit so his life skills and survival skills are severely lacking.

The four of them make their way northeast and pick up new traveling companions along the way and lose them to various violent ends.  The novel doesn't break any new ground when it comes to zombie fiction, but it's a quick and fun read.  Remy is a great character because she is a woman on a mission and no one is going to stop her from that mission.

Apparently yet again I have picked up a novel which has plans to be a trilogy.  The novel had a satisfying ending so I don't feel cheated that there are other books planned so if I run across the novel's counterparts I'll probably pick them up, but there is no pressing need to have questions answered.

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