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CBR III Review #44: Faithful Place by Tana French

CBR III Review #44: Faithful Place by Tana French

Tana French returns with her third novel Faithful Place.   French's third novel follows main character Francis Mackey,  people familiar with her work may remember him from The Likeness. Frank was Cassie's boss in  the Undercover division.  However, that is where the relationship between her two novel ends.  You never hear anything more about Cassie, but I think her story ended beautifully in The Likeness so I think it would have been a discredit to the characters to bring back anyone else.

French once again creates a very unique character with a unique perspective who is very flawed.  I read all three of her novels in a row and the characters have such a distinct personality it's sometimes hard to believe the same woman wrote all three novels.

The core mystery of this novel revolves around Frank Mackey's past and his first love.  In 1985 Frank and Rosie Daly made plans to run off to England, but the night they planned to run off together all Frank finds is a note telling him she has all ready left. Frank in turns leaves his neighborhood and makes it a point never to return. Twenty-two years later Rosie's suitcase is found in one the empty flats down the street and Frank must return to the place he ran away from to figure out what happened to the woman he loved all while dealing with the family he had grown to hate.

Once again the novel's writing takes a hold of you and you become fully immersed in the main character's life.  However, out all three of her novels I found it the most difficult to find Frank's character sympathetic and likable which made it hard to truly embrace the novel.

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  • Publisher: VIKING ADULT (July 13, 2010)
  • Sold by: Penguin Publishing
  • Language: English
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  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars  

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