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CBR III Review #49: Run by Blake Crouch

CBR III Review #49:  Run by Blake Crouch

This books just takes off. It dumps you in the middle of the narrative and doesn't stop until you have finished the entire book.  Crouch's work really does remind me of an early Koontz.  The novel begins with the Colclough family huddled around the radio listing to names being read.  Names of people to be killed.  When Jack Colcloug's name is read the family jumps into action and tries to put as much distance between them and their home.  Five days earlier the national began experiencing an outbreak of violence, four days earlier the murders and violent acts increased exponentially. On the third day the President addressed the nation.  It appears certain parts of the population have been infected with a condition that makes them want to murder and mutilate anyone who has not been afflicted. Now those who have been infected are actively seeking out those who have not been and murdering them...hence the radio announcements.

The novel is much like Hate by David Moody which I have all ready reviewed. Crouch's novel is more concentrated on the survival aspect of an apocalyptical event. While Moody's concentrated more on the emotional and societal impact.  Run addresses what it would be like to be a father and husband whose only goal is to make sure your family survives a seemingly unsurvivable event and having no plan, other than survival, day to day.

Run also addresses what causes parts of the population to turn into rage-filled murderous animals.  The explanation is a little weak but it doesn't really take away from the story.  Out of Crouch's novels this has been my favorite so far and I highly recommend it!

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