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CBR III Review #62: Bumped by Megan Mccafferty

CBR III Review #62: Bumped by Megan Mccafferty

I want to capitalize the second C in Megan's name but Amazon claims that is not the correct way.

A virus has hit the united states making everyone past the age of 20 (sometimes younger) infertile.  Couples who can no longer conceive pay teenagers to get pregnant.  When you pay teenagers to get pregant you end up with  a bunch of sex craved teenagers praying they get pregnant. Add that to the fact that the more times they can carry a baby to term before they become older is simply more money in the bank.  I don't know if the novels aim was to mock the "Teenage Mom" generation, but it sure does put it into perspective.

The story follows two long lost twins Harmony and Melody.  Melody is raised by a wealthy New Jersey family.  They insisted that their daughter go "pro", which means a family paid her in advance to have their child and they will choose who she conceives with so that they make sure they receive the perfect child.  Harmony on the other hand is raised in a Pennsylvania compound by the Church. Harmony was raised to enter marriage very early on so that they could procreate and have children before they became infertile.  To Harmony having sex outside marrige is still a sin, but populating the earth is still a priority so one must get married very young at the compound. Problems arise when Melody is finally paired with a genetically superior man hunk that Harmony decides she can try and save by pretending to be Melody.

My main problem with the novel is both twin's personalities grated on me, but Melody's best male friend kept Melody from becoming to much to bare.  Unfortunately, Harmony had no one to balance her out and she mostly just came across as bland pain in the ass.  I would recommend Bumped for poolside read, but if you end up missing it it's not a huge deal.

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