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CBR III Review #70: BIRDS OF PREY - A Psycho Thriller by Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn and J.A. Konrath

CBR III Review #70: BIRDS OF PREY - A Psycho Thriller by Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, and J.A. Konrath

I'm starting to think Konrath and Crouch should permanently team up.  They complement each other so well.  Birds of Prey brings all the sadistic, twisted, serial killers from Konrath and Crouch's novels and puts them in the same story.

Villains included from Crouch's novels:
Orson and Luther from Desert Places, Locked Doors, and Break You
Isaiah from Abandon
Javier from Snowbound

Villains included from Kilborn's novels:
Mr. K from Shaken
Alex and Charles Kork from Whiskey Sour & Rusty Nail

and of course Lucy and Donaldson from Serial & Killers make an appearance.

If you are a fan of their work I suggest checking out their other novels before tackling Birds of Prey.  Birds of Prey is highly entertaining if you have read their previous novels but it reads almost like fan fiction.  If you have never read any of their novels before I think the story would fall flat.

Birds of Prey was written by both authors simultaneously in Google docs with each author raising the bar as they went along.

If you ever wondered what happened to Luther Kite to make him so screwed up the background on him blew me away and actually made me a little sad for the serial killer mad man. I do wish Lucy had gotten a bit more than a shout out, but now I'll always be wary of girls who wear pink crocs and I'll always be a little more cautious around large flock of crows.

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