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CBR III Review #87: The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon

CBR III Review #87: The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon

Claire Harkness, a student at the prestigious Armitage Academy,  is found dead in her dorm room.  Armitage Academy is a boarding school for students. The reader is immediately immersed in the murder investigation and it becomes apparent that the hallowed halls of Armitage hold a lot of secrets.  There are accusations of dangerous secret societies, molestation, and faculty who choose to look the other way.

The Twisted Thread follows several characters as the mystery to her death is unraveled.  The author follows staff, administration, students, parents, alumni, and for lack of a better word townies, throughout her novel.

Claire and the other students of Armitage are part of societies elite.  Clarie was the queen bee of this elite class of students and her death shakes the students to the core, but also means she had a fairly large target and made some enemies. The mystery deepens when it's discovered Claire recently gave birth and the baby is no where to be found.

Overall I really enjoyed the novel, but a few of the narrators/chapters I flipped through so I could get to another narrator. There is a second mystery surrounding the school that resurfaces from the past that lacks the punch that Claire's storyline has.  I understand the author's reasoning for divulging into another mystery that surrounds Armitage, but this mystery took place so long ago and is not connected to the murder so it feels extraneous a lot of the time.

The ending of the novel makes sense, but I prefer mysteries that drop enough clues that if you wanted to connect the dots yourself you could.  Overall, the writing is well done and consistent and even though I had a few minor problems with the novel I still enjoyed it.

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