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CBR III Review #121: Between by Jessica Warman

CBR III Review #121: Between by Jessica Warman

Elizabeth is the epitome of a beautiful and popular high school student.  Elizabeth wakes up the morning after her 18th birthday party.  Her and her closest friends celebrated on her families yacht, but a repeated thumping awoke her.  Horrifically, she finds out that the thumping noise is her body wedged between the dock and the yacht.  Elizabeth starts to come to terms with her death after she meets Alex, a teen from her high school that was killed the year previously.  With Alex's help she investigates the night of her birthday and slowly begins to regain several memories that she had lost after her death.  The memories start to point her int he direction of her killer.

First I want to mention I love the cover art on this book, it really is amazing.  I really really enjoyed reading Between.  Besides the ghost aspect it's a fairly standard murder mystery and it's fun to watch the pieces slowly fall into place.  You want to hate Elizabeth and her friends because they were that group in high school that you hated, but as you learn more and more about them it's hard to hate them.  By the end you stat feeling a sense of pity for them.  The only thing I hate about novels narrated by ghosts (I can't believe I just typed that sentence) is that they are still dead at the end of the novel and nothing can change that, and if something did change that it would be a huge rip off.

As soon as I finished reading Between I ran out and picked up Jessica Warman's other novels.

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