Saturday, December 17, 2011

CBR III Review #142: Breatheless by Jessica Warman

CBR III Review #142: Breatheless by Jessica Warman

Katie has grown up with an older brother that is schizophrenic.  Due to her brothers illness her father is barely around and her mom enjoys a few too many cocktails throughout the day.  After a particularity disturbing incident involving her brother Katie's parents decide to ship her off to boarding school.  Katie's is now surrounded by people that have no idea who she is so she starts to create a fictional life.  While at boarding school Katie makes lots of new friends and quickly becomes the star athletic swimmer for the girls swim team.  The only thing she is worried about is one day her friends may find out the truth about her past or that her past will one day catch up to haunt her.

This was my least favorite Jessica Warman novel, but I still enjoyed it immensely.  She does such a great job of creating a realistic world of a bunch of teenagers growing up away from home. Readers be warned unlike her other two novels there is no mystery to solve or secrets to discover like Jessica's Warman's other two novels.  This is simply a story of a teenage girl growing up while trying to ignore her incredibly complicated home life.  I love the fact the teenagers seem so true to life.  It brought me back to a few moments in my own high school career.

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