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CBR III Review #146: Legend by Marie Lu

CBR III Review #146: Legend by Marie Lu

This book got a lot of hype before it was even released.  I believe I read the first chapters almost a year ago and I made sure to put it on my calendar for when it was scheduled to come out.

Legend follows the story of Day and June.  June is a prodigy who has skyrocketed in the military.  Day should be dead.  He failed the test that every 10 year old is suppose to take and those that fail it are sent to a work camp, but Day quickly found out that wasn't the case and escaped before he was murdered.  He is now the Nation's most wanted terrorist.  Day and June are both teenagers with two very different places in the world and their worlds intercede and June makes it her mission to find and bring Day to justice.

Obviously this is another foray into the Dystopian Young Adult fiction and I really enjoyed it.  The fact Day and June are only 15 bother me a bit.  I wish she had made them 17 or 18 but you quickly forget about their ages.  The first section of the novel is a fun cat and mouse chase then you get to the meat of the story where Day and June start to truly realize what their government has been up to.  I like the fact that the story starts out with June strongly on the governments side. I like stories that involve characters who go through transition and growth.

I think Legend could have been expanded upon and not been as short.  It's the first in a series and I wish she had added more back story or kept the story going for a little longer then she did.I will pick up the next one next year...too bad it's going to be awhile.

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