Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CBR III Review #152: Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

CBR III Review #152: Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

This is the YA novel version of David Moody's Haters. Dark Inside follows five different teenagers as they try and survive in a world that has gone crazy.  After a series of earthquakes people have seemingly snapped and have started harming everyone that hasn't gone "dark".  Bombs were detonated, spree shootings took place all over the world, and assault cases skyrocketed.

Dark Inside had everything I enjoy about a good dystopian novel it was just so similar to Haters that it was hard for me to look past that and to compare the two novels.  I did enjoy the historical parallels and the indication that maybe this had occurred before in he past and that is why various civilizations had fallen before ours.  I wish the novel had gotten more into this.

Overall it's a great quick read. I just wish it had gone more in to detail about how the outbreak occurred.  I also wish it had skipped over the chapters where someone who is possessed by "the dark" is narrating. I tended to skip over those chapters.

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